• Our approach, our philosophy, and what makes us unique

    Unique Massage & Fitness Derby
    Unique Massage & Fitness Derby focuses on reducing the build-up of tight and sore muscles that commonly arise in the back, neck, shoulders and legs. The aim of our treatments is to reduce the tension in the multiple layers of the muscles, which gives longest lasting results.

    Remedial and Deep Tissue massage focuses on more specific tension areas, with the remedial massage therapist working at a pressure that is therapeutic, yet comfortable for the client. Following an assessment, the massage treatment is based on the problem areas. Stretches may be used at the completion of the massage to loosen muscles and increase flexibility. The major benefit of massage is relief from pain caused by musculoskeletal injuries. Other benefits include relieving tension and stress, enhancing posture, maintaining whole body and mind health and generally overcoming injury. Unique Massage & Fitness is currently available at the Rolls-Royce Leisure Association Fitness Centre and is also available as a mobile service to suit your needs.

    Require relief from muscle strain or Recovering from muscle injury?

    Sports massage is not just for treating sports injuries in athletes. Almost everyone could benefit from specially developed sports massage techniques, as it is an excellent therapy for any muscular aches and pains, such as neck, back and shoulder tension, whether caused by driving, gardening, computer use or even stress.

    Massage for improved mobility

    Massage to a specific area, such as the lower back, eases localised tension, breaks down scar tissue, and safely and gently stretches the muscles leaving the area much looser, with improved mobility and therefore less prone to injury. And the feeling of wellbeing you get is pretty therapeutic too!

    Massage wherever you are, whenever you need it

    For athletes who have busy work and training schedules it is hard to find time to travel to a fixed venue such as a sports injury clinic for sports massage. Consequently, your performance and recovery can suffer. However, our fully-equipped mobile massage service can deliver the benefits of massage straight after training or competing. Alternatively, the Sports massage treatment at your home means you get maximum benefit before and after, through not having to travel.

    For non-athletes not having to travel for massage therapy means you can be getting on with your work or leisure with minimum inconvenience and maximum benefit, whether our massage treatment takes place at your home or even your office.

    To book an appointment with one of Derby Sports and Remedial Massage Therapists, please Book Online or call us on 07595 417 960